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 Tatkret Pack Information

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: Tatkret Pack Information   Tatkret Pack Information EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 4:11 pm

The Tatkret pack tends to bring in the sick and weak, and any lost pups that wander their way. They rarely turn away a wolf, unless they feel it would be a threat to the safety of their pack. Wolves in this pack are usually very kind-hearted and soft spoken, choosing to use their words during disagreements rather than force. These wolves work as a team unit better than most, and are friendly to one another most of the time. There is rarely conflict between these pack mates.

Tatret Pack Members

Alpha Male: Ikkuma, "fire" Played by ________

Alpha Female: Adlartok, "clear sky" Played by ______

Beta Male:




Unranked Members:



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Tatkret Pack Information WolfEM-1
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Tatkret Pack Information
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