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 Sangiyok Pack Information

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: Sangiyok Pack Information   Sangiyok Pack Information EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 3:37 pm

The Sangiyok pack is a prideful pack of wolves. Rarely do they accept loners who seem overly skittish, aggressive, or unhealthy. Though they do not consider themselves to be a peaceful bunch, they would much rather weigh all their options before resorting to physical violence. The Alpha male and Female hold true to the meanings of their names; Kaskae is "Chief", and Desna is "Boss". This group will let no toe slip out of line when it comes to knowing your place and keeping it. Submission and respect, when it's due, can make you or break you here. But if you abide by their laws, you will never go hungry, never be alone and never be unwanted.

Sangiyok Pack Members

Alpha Male: Kaskae, "Chief" Played by Teh Vampire

Alpha Female: Desna, "Boss" Played by Sarah Jo, ADMIN

Beta Male:

Beta Female:




Unranked Members: Aleu, played by Jenna



Stats of Pack Members



Physical~ 2
Logical~ 2
Social~ 2
Health~ 2
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Sangiyok Pack Information
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