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 Kadzait Pack Information

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: Kadzait Pack Information   Kadzait Pack Information EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 4:14 pm

The Kadzait pack is a mismatch of loners that come together in order to survive. There is only one female in this pack at a time, the Alpha female. She is chosen by the Alpha male and is usually the most domineering and controlling one in the pack for as long as she keeps her status. Wolves in this pack are either inbetween being accepted by another pack, or they are sick/unhealthy, mentally unstable, overly aggressive or evil, or just prefer the more solitary lifestyle. Just because these wolves come together to hunt and converse now and then, most of them tend to keep to themselves, and prefer wandering the neutral grounds over sticking to their territory.

Several Kadzait members look for love outside their pack, into the Sangiyok. It is forbidden, but many of them risk it.

Kadzait Pack members CAN roam into Sangiyok territory, though they will be considered very unwelcome so BEWARE!

Kadzait Pack Members

Alpha Male: Yakone, "red aurora" Played by Sage

Alpha Female: Sesi, "snow" Played by Shyloh

Beta Male: Aok, "blood" Played by Sarah Jo




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Kadzait Pack Information
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