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 v4; Leap of Faith [Wolf RPG]

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PostSubject: v4; Leap of Faith [Wolf RPG]   v4; Leap of Faith [Wolf RPG] EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 10:05 pm

v4; Leap of Faith [Wolf RPG] Tempadd

News: New layout, new contest.
Season: Spring
Breeding: Closed
Packs: Eight active packs

The Distant Past

Long ago, there was a land, barren, without creatures to run and live upon its surface. For thousands of years, the untamed wilds of Montagne remained unclaimed...unclaimed until now.

They came from the South, over the dark and mysterious Wolf Mountain. Four rulers, strong of body, strong of mind. Legend, dark as night, and Jael, pure as the white winter snow, claimed the Northern Lands of Montagne. Arris, son of the Earth, and Brisse, his flame licked mate, claimed the Southern Lands as their domain. And with the arrival of the two sets of Alphas, the lands of Montagne began to prosper.

The Recent Past

Last summer the lands of Montagne were plagued with drought and famine.

Food and water became more and more difficult to find; almost all sources of food had migrated to the far north for some respite from the blistering heat. The largest sources of water in Montagne were in the secluded areas of the South. The northern packs risked dehydration, the south starvation.

The packs had a choice. Be selfish and keep what little resources they had to themselves Or risk the dangers of another pack by seeking help.

Many wolves have been lost and packs have dwindled in size.

The Present

The lands of Montagne are slowly beginning to recover what was lost during the hellish, plague filled summer. Winter is upon the land now and packs are eager to breed and rebuild.

We welcome you to take part in the rebirth of Montagne. Come run with us!
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v4; Leap of Faith [Wolf RPG]
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