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PostSubject: TRANSLUCENCE;; A Wolf RPG [lb]   TRANSLUCENCE;; A Wolf RPG [lb] EmptyThu Feb 26, 2009 4:31 pm

TRANSLUCENCE;; A Wolf RPG [lb] 52e7gg

[blockquote]In the past it was good. All wolves, working together to achieve a better world in Translucence. It was a haven, a place of safety, rest, and happiness. But some wolves grew resentful of others. These noble, good-hearted and ‘angelic’ wolves stood against everything the ‘Others’ were. And so it was that the black-hearted Corrupts gave the wolves their name as they were chased from the land – Devouts.

The two different sides soon broke up into three packs; for the Devouts, the Monarchy, and two smaller packs, the Echo and Dinen. For the Corrupts, the Dictatorship, and two others, Shibito and Erebos. Though most definitely not allies, they did not cross the borders of the fellow types. The skirmishes between Corrupt and Devout were small, and they mainly kept to themselves. Until it all changed.

After much plotting, the Corrupts were at war with the Devouts. The battle was bloody, and many wolves were slain on either side. The harsh winter attacked the wolves with hunger and fatigue, but still they did not stop. This war would have continued on for a long, long time, until something happened. The smoke began to plume from the volcanic mountain, and it was with an almighty and terrifying sound that Mt. Lupan erupted, coating the area with ash and lava. It was only after this the wolves looked around at the devastation.

The Shibito wolf pack and Dinen wolf pack had been wiped out, both by the natural disaster and the war. Many brave wolves had died, and for what? Nothing. And it was, with that thought in their heads, that the wolves of Translucence came to an uneasy truce. The question is not will the peace last – it is when the peace will end.

So...Where do you stand?
Are you a noble Devout?
Or a cunning Corrupt?

TRANSLUCENCE;; A Wolf RPG [lb] 255i1yc

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