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PostSubject: Corealis University   Corealis University EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 10:47 am

Corealis University Mu8l50
Corealis Univeristy. A snob school. An acclaimed research facility. A golden ticket name on any graduate or professor's resume. A private institution so highly regarded, even the United States government favors their halls for scientific experimentation.
What has the government brought us now? Project Maxwell. Another name for a specimen. Unknown origin. Somewhere between human and animal in nature and appearance. The government knows there will be no shortage of students or faculty at Corealis just itching to play mad scientist with this creature. After all, as long as the reports keep coming in, they've given free reign to CU professors and their research assistants as to what experimentation occurs and in what manner.
Do you condone the unchecked experimentation on a creature of human intelligence? Will you protect it, try to befriend it? Or will you join those who in their quests for knowledge and fame know no bounds to their cruelty? Or does Project Maxwell even matter to you in the face of struggling to earn a degree from the most prestigious university in the northeast, pleasing your parents, and trying to maintain relationships, a job, and a social life?
You thought high school was hard, welcome to university...
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Corealis University
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