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 Watera no Tamashii - Canine's Soul [LB]

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PostSubject: Watera no Tamashii - Canine's Soul [LB]   Watera no Tamashii - Canine's Soul [LB] EmptyMon Mar 09, 2009 3:44 pm

Watera no Tamashii - Canine's Soul [LB] Watera_no_Tamashii_Ad_banner_by_Hitoban_no_Fokkusu

Once, long ago, humans roamed the earth, going between land masses with ease and pleasure. This was the natural way of things. There were many wild animals on the planet, wolves among them.

One day, a white wolf was lost and thirsty. Her name was Leda. She came upon a body of water that stretched as far as her eyes could see. Thinking it something to drink, she lapped it up quickly. It was bitter to the taste, but it would do. She found, upon drinking it, that it made her feel very strange. Overcome with dizziness, she fell into the water, plunging in over her head. Yet she did not drown. She felt solidity beneath her feet, and when she looked up again, discovered that she was on an underwater land bridge. She hadn't noticed it before, but now she could see it.

Eagerly she ran along it, splashing the bitter water into her coat. She ran for three days, and on the third day she found an island. She named it Reikoku-Soul Island-because there was no one on it. That is, she thought there was no one on it.

She found that the island was plentiful with all the wildlife she'd known in the past, but without many predators. She was the main predator here, along with a mountain lion here and a bear there. She ate many things and drank the sweet lake and river water that came from the island. After she had been there a while, she discovered a change in her appearance. She was no longer white, as she had been, but silver, with ice blue eyes. Not only this, but she sprouted wings.

One day, while she was flying about the island, she noticed something she hadn't before. It was another wolf. It was a male, big and black, and he had wings of red. She went down to him, and he explained to her all about the island.

His name was Chryses, and he had lived on the island for two years longer than Leda had. He said that the island's water was magical, and it gave them powers normal wolves didn't have. The two soon fell in love, and began to populate the island.

And so it went that many children were born, and the island soon grew full of wolves of all kinds. Some of the wolves didn't have powers, as Chryses and Leda had, but some of them did. Once Chryses and Leda were gone, the wolves continued to grow within themselves, and they split into groups.

Shiro and his mate began the Heart pack, loving all and caring for all who came into their territory. Shiro's worst enemy, Kuro, began the Heartless pack, trying to compete with Shiro. The Full Moon pack was made much later, created by Gata. The New Moon pack was created when a wolfess named Sakura asked Gata for permission to split his land in two. And, very last of all, the land that was left was named Kuran no Hikari by its founders-Kaen and Koori. Thus, all of the packs were made and that was the start of Watera no Tamashii

Admin: Mayoi
Rating: PG-13 for animal violence, cursing, and miscellaneous inappropriate-ness.
Species allowed: Wolves
Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Type: Semi-Realistic wolf site.
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Watera no Tamashii - Canine's Soul [LB]
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