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PostSubject: Mist Estrellla   Mist Estrellla EmptyMon Mar 09, 2009 10:05 am

-Name- Mist Estrella
-Meaning of Name (if any)- Mist :3
-Age- 2 years
-Gender- Femme
-Breed- Tundra/arctic
-Description- Shiny white pelt, medium length and kept clean at all times. She has a slender build with sutble curves, and blue eyes with a silver sheen over them.
-Personality- She can be a bit aggressive at times, and stubborn. One of her biggest flaws is her difficulty to trust another wolf. Mist hates being told what to do, one of the reasons why she stays clear of packs. Mist is quite anti-social and prefers to keep as much distance from other wolves as possible. She is most often found, on her own somewhere, and will not appreciate it when you show up and disturb her. She is also semi-mute, not saying anything unless she has to. This femme uses body language mostly to question another or express her opinion's. Strangers and Pack dogs are something Mist hates, entirely. She won't give them any information and is a very secretive wolf. Most wolves who meet her hardly get to know her name before she's gone again. She hides her emotions behind a blank look of calmness, normally, if somebody annoys her or gives her some stupid petty comment.. She'll take it out later on something else.

But there is another side to Mist, one that is very rarely shown to anybody. For you see, all wolves have the capacity for kindness and loyalty. And Mist, once you get to know her better can be a fun-loving, simply delightful female who will remain loyal to her last breath. But this is, if you past the hard test of befriending her. Only a few have managed to do that, but even they had not stayed in her 'good books' for long. Mist nearly always holds a grudge and tends to tell other wolves their flaws. She can be quite proud, taking lots of things seriously. She is fairly weak in battle, often tiring and then eventually fleeing. Not out a fear, merely intelligence. Mist would rather flee then risk a few bloody wounds and then a possibility of infection= Death.
-History- Mist was bought up into a pack normally along with her brother, Sirion. Her mother was called Lily, her father Dagg. Yes, her parent's names were very common. But they were both powerful alpha's. The packs name was called Broken Hill's.. Unfortunately, the happy time in the pack didn't last forever. At the young age of 2, a cyclone hit the forest. Mist's family and pack perished.. Or at least, she thought that they did. But there was one survivor, a male called Reise. She and him traveled together for months, and soon formed a close bond with each other. They shared pretty much everything in life and soon, fell in love. But this too, was short lived.

The reason for this is because another femme arrived on the scene, a wolf called Akelia, who was much more attractive then herself. Soon, Mist found that she had been left behind, alone again. Jealousy,hurt and anger had spread through this female's veins. Along with the already grief of loosing her pack, it was too much to bare. Mist had became close to starvation three times, and three times she managed to recover, she can often become depressed with her head hanging low. This female now travels the land in search of survivors from the past cyclone. So far, no luck. But she hopes she'll one day find a wolf that will fill the empty space that now lies in her dormant heart. Though, it's certainly doubtful that she ever will again.

Now she has traveled further, still searching, still living her struggle of life. Mist has never considered having another mate again after what happened. And slowly she has found herself to begin to have no real interest in mates. However, pups somehow always make her smile. Perhaps one day she'll feel different about the whole 'love bird' thing.

-Sample Post- The thrumming sound in my ears was getting bloody annoying now. My breath came in pants, it was mid-day, the heat was at it's fullest but not as bad since it was now winter. But it was still brutal. My ears layed back and I sighed my discomfort. Anything to get away from the mud.. A voice sang in my head. I groaned silently, sure, the swamp had been tough and I had managed to rid the filth off my thick pelt in a pool, but it hadn't dried before I went into the desert, the sand clung to my fur in matts and I sighed, my eyes lowering the the grainy ground. I should have stuck around with that little arctic fella, Verlyn a while longer. Russell hadn't really catched my attention, but that little white male had seemed rather like my brother. I growled at the memory of Korvain involuntarily. My tail whacked the hollow wood of a dead tree and I winced at the pain that followed. I wasn't in the best of moods, the heat only made me mad and I was eager to channel my frustration out onto somebody else. Tree's weren't my ideal victims. I continued walking, oblivious to my surroundings. If I kept walking, I'd make it out. Sure I would! I hummed a subtle but low tone to myself, "Guilty of no crime Not enough yet too much time. I'm burning in this hell. Plans to buy and dreams to sell." Really, I was just bored here. There was nothing to do, except to walk. Nothing interesting around me, no signs of life apart from a few snakes and ground squirrels. I gnashed my teeth together and wished now that I could have dragged Korvain back with me instead of running away from him.

I was a clingy sort of female, I loved having my way. Pig headed. Probably the best word to describe me as. I was unashamed though, bring on the insults, I'll slit your throat. Males were my favorites, wolves like my brother, who had always been submissive and followed me before. Now he seemed to have changed. I didn't like it, and I'd come back for him and either kill him, or make sure to make his life hell on earth. I made a face as sand blew into my orbs and winced, letting my lids droop so that my eyes were protected from getting scratched by the sharp grains. I was forced, to sit down for a moment. My strength was seeping in this humid air and I panted, trying to regain my energy. What was wrong with me? I had perfect stamina and was very healthy. Seemed as if it was just too hot and my thick fur didn't really help me out here. I preferred neutral conditions, not too hot, not too cold. The swamp was just full of mud, so I didn't like that either. I was picky. I lifted my rump off the ground again and took off at a slow pace, not wanting to overheat myself.

And wolves actually live here? I'd heard that most wolves did enjoy living in the desert. I wrinkled the bridge of my nose in disgust. It wasn't likely to find a desert-dwelling wolf here. Most were just probably passing through, such as myself. My tired paws sank lazily into the ground, tail drooped and eyes lowered. The sand around me was getting evermore restless, the wind picking it up and making it fly in my face. "What.." I stopped there, wondering why I had even spoken. I blinked and sighed, the desert was annoying me. I rushed forwards, my front legs pushing me forward whilst my backlegs strangely didn't keep up the pace. I sighed, I was weak enough as it was. I didn't have a good sense of direction either, so I was probably going to be sticking around here for a while. I struggled to walk to a dead tree and collapsed on my side, pushing myself against the tree and trying to get as much shade as possible. The sand was burning under me, it grew more unbearable, but for some reason I couldn't feel the will the stand up again. I hadn't slept in a while, and soon it took over everything else and I slipped into a light slumber, part of my conscious hoping that I would recover somewhat when I woke again. (Sorry its in first person, if you'd like me to change this, I will. This is another of my charries on Wolves night)

-OOC Stuff-
-Alias- Mist, or Estrella. Mostly known as Mist.
-Contact Info-
-Password- ACCEPTED
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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: ACCEPTED   Mist Estrellla EmptyMon Mar 09, 2009 10:24 am

ACCEPTED. Very nice ^^
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Mist Estrellla
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