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 Paragon, Paradigm of the Elements (LB)

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Paragon, Paradigm of the Elements (LB) Empty
PostSubject: Paragon, Paradigm of the Elements (LB)   Paragon, Paradigm of the Elements (LB) EmptyThu Mar 05, 2009 7:30 pm

Imagine an island where you live as a wolf with the aid of a particular Element. It molds how
you appear, shapes how you think, grants you Charms to utilize in different tasks, and even
provides guidance by way of a Celestial being that watches over you. There are, however,
restrictions that come with this: never defy your Celestial and never be separated from
your territory for too long!

This world is also in a constant state of evolution. Charms, Elements and Creatures flow in and out of this island realm. For this land was long ago enriched and
enlightened by magic, and sometimes, magic does not make itself known until the time
is right. Will you have the strength and drive to find what is hidden?


Paragon is a fantasy wolf forum RPG where wolves have been granted control over the
elements by way of magical Charms. Each set of Charms have ties to a particular Element,
granted by a specific Celestial. If you want to play in a game that has friendly staff members
whom love to role-play and enjoy constantly thinking up new plots for all to participate in,
this game could be for you!

~ Moderate to Advanced Literacy Welcomed!
~ Friendly Moderators That Are VERY Active!
~ New Plots Created Monthly for Player Participation!
~ An Administrator Is Online At Least TWICE Daily!
~ Up-to-date Website With All Game Info Easily Accessible!
~ SIX Elements to Play . . . With More Added As We Grow!
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Paragon, Paradigm of the Elements (LB)
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