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 The Secret Army - A Whouniverse RPG

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The Secret Army - A Whouniverse RPG Promonessdt269

The Doctor's Secret Army, the first line of defence for the Earth, the Universe and all parallels thereof. Following the teachings of that infamous Time Lord, they think not only with their heads, but also with their hearts. The product is a strong, well-oiled team with more extra-terrestrial experience than you can shake a sonic-screwdriver at.

And this time, there's trouble. An old enemy lurks in the shadows, just waiting for The Doctor and Donna to fall into his elaborate trap, a trap that could put an end to the entire universe as we know it. Once again the fate of the universe rests squarely in the hands of The Doctor, but this time he's not alone. Back on Earth, Torchwood are ready. The Cardiff team have reclaimed Owen Harper from the jaws of death and Torchwood One has risen from the ashes in the capable hands of Martha Jones and her team. Both branches are ready and waiting for a call to war - and they just might get it.

The Secret Army, is a friendly and active play-by- Whoniverse RPG set in the present day, without being marred by the events of The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. Be prepared for a rocky, but thrilling, ride through space and time, aliens and monsters, and a jelly baby or two.


The Secret Army (add www.)

The Secret Army - A Whouniverse RPG AD4
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The Secret Army - A Whouniverse RPG
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