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 x..If I Ever Leave This World Alive..x

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: x..If I Ever Leave This World Alive..x   x..If I Ever Leave This World Alive..x EmptySun Mar 01, 2009 9:32 am

Paws padded easily and evenly, absorbing into the soft terrain as they carried Aok closer and closer to Tuar Lake. It was near enough to the Den Site, and the den had been built with that in mind. Water needed to be accessible when the time came for the Alpha pair to breed, yet still far enough away to avoid losing any young to the calm, deep waters. With tongue lolling out from his mouth, the wolf came to a rest at the waters edge, lowering his form to lay comfortably among the overgrown grasses surrounding the lake. Head fell onto his paws and eyes looked about, trying to stay in the present moment but finding it hard as Yakone's words echoed in his head. 'Do some spying..Might find yourself a title position..' They disgusted him, to be frank. Spying was a cowards game, and the very thought of taking part in such childish antics made his blood boil.

Was this what life had come to? And was this where it would end? Living in a pack where friendship came only in the form of a femme he would never curl up beside at night, or bear young with... He dared not even tell her his true feelings out of fear. Yes, fear was present in anyone at any time, no matter how cruel and unwaivering their demeanor seemed. A roamer was a lifestyle the wolf cared not to return to, if he could help it. Body and mind suffer when solitude has you in its' cold grip.. And thus far, though he despised Yakone as a worthless leader, Aok had found protection within the small group. Protection from the elements, starvation and loneliness. That's all that mattered right now, and so he would continue to swallow his feelings for his Alpha's mate, in order to ensure his place in the pack. 'A title position..'

Must mean 'number one bitch'...

Because with Yakone, there were no equals. Even Sesi dared not to defy him when anger took hold over his senses. Aok was a firm believer that fear was a powerful tool to command the masses, but the respect he was forced to give the ebony brute made fury grow deeper and deeper within him. If a title position meant throwing himself at the feet of Yakone, he feared he would rather live alone for the remainder of his days. He was a leader quick to react, and slow to think. Cold hearted towards everyone but his mate, which was fine.. Fine if your pack is composed of ten and upwards wolves, and your survival is not hindered when one silently takes his leave in the middle of the night.. But with only one pack member, that's when he should have been putting his own ego aside and think of other things. There would not be pups this season, the pack was in no position for it. However, if the pair wanted any hope for next mating season's pups to survive, they had better not piss off their one and only.

Aok found a slight grumble come from his throat until he swallowed it down, snapping back to the reality that lay before him. He gazed over his shoulder and tested the air, finding still no sign of his Alphas. Rising slowly to his feet with a long strength of the hind-half, Aok put nose to the ground and began following the smells of field mice to pass the time..

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x..If I Ever Leave This World Alive..x
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