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 Between the hours of dark and light, Twilight surfaces to withhold fright.

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Between the hours of dark and light, Twilight surfaces to withhold fright. Empty
PostSubject: Between the hours of dark and light, Twilight surfaces to withhold fright.   Between the hours of dark and light, Twilight surfaces to withhold fright. EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 2:38 pm


-Meaning of Name (if any)-
Twilight is the time between dawn and sunrise, and the time between sunset and dusk.

4 years


Arctic Wolf

Twilight has a very nice coat on her that seems to glow when the sun shines upon it. The old splotches of gray that use to be splattered on as a pup soon faded. A replacement was a luscious white pelt that looked, and felt, smooth, silky, and light to the touch. A pure snow wolf was the creation between her father and mother.

The only trace of different colors upon her were the pads of her paws, her nose, and her ears. The inside of the ears were lightly shaded gray, and hardly noticeable. Her nose was obviously black, like most of the other wolves, along with the light shade of her muzzle that has very few strands of gray. Her eyes are an icy-blue and shine furiously when the sun hits them a certain way. Her pads were black as well, the only thing she had gotten from her father, other than his strength and frame.

Her build is one for fighting. She can run a good pace, but prefers close range for something. Her build are just a little above average for a female, due to her past, but none-the-less, it just adds more meaning to her being a beautiful female-fatal.

Twilight has had a certain...grace blessed upon her. She has charming good looks, and a seemingly harmless attitude from afar. And if the sun hits just right, she could seem like an angel from the clouds on earth in the form of a wolf. However, your mistake could cost your life since our dear Twilight is far from a melodic angel.

With her build and teeth, she'd easily motivate herself to attack. She is a one track war machine. She would rather hold her ground and fight, rather than give up for anything. Giving up, quitting, loosing, all was a sign of weakness. Weakness that was a word that was not to be tolerated period.

A solitary creature from birth, she likes her own privacy. Others simply seemed to get in her way. She would eliminate all sources of weakness in her life and be rid of them, leave nothing to drag her down. She didn't want to deal with it. A low tolerance and a quick fuse were bred into her, along with manipulation and deception. Both things that she had learned well.

Very little can make its way into her freezing heart. She cares about nothing, almost. The word love use to mean something to her, but now it faded into ash. A word that means nothing, below nothing. But who knew that fate would let her love again.

She lives just to cause pain. That is her sole purpose in her lifetime. Pain, suffering, and depression are what she likes to strike into others. She has an easy time building up a reputation for herself. A wolf to be feared that is what she would be considered by some. A relentless killer, a ravager, a beast, it matters not to her.

While she may seem like a heartless and soulless killer, she can be nice. Those that grow close to her get to see the side of her that no one else can. She has all the emotions of a wolf that just had a litter of pups, but often suppresses them.

Fierce cries of anguish and pain mixed with deafening snarls of hatred and fury. It spread through the lands, bouncing off of the cliffs and alerted the world. Total ruin had occurred in her life, total chaos. But to her, it was just the beginning.

The fallen pack that was their rivals now lay before them. The elders had deemed her a warrior for their pack. Something her father despised her for since her brother had not been given such a good rank, he had stayed at a sentry. But now, there was a tension in the air, something that her father and eldest brother realized, and they focused on her.

Twilight had a look about her, one of hatred. What pack members that hadn't fallen were now near her father, their Alpha. She let out a chuckle, one that was sickening. Next to her, stood her mid-brother Kuro, and her “best friend”, Kirai. All three of them had a similar task, bring down the pack.

A bound, snarl, and growl split in the air, they were off! Twilight had gradually taken on her pack mates without another shadow of doubt. Oh how she hated them, despised them. They hated her. What had she done to them? Nothing! Compared to what she could have done, it made her look like an angel! She wanted them to die, she wanted them gone! Father had killed Mother, the pack had helped! Her mother could not be brought down by father, for he was weak without his pack.

They hid her body, left her for the scavengers. They even killed him. They killed him. The thought still couldn't sink in. Tears flowed to her eyes as she closed them and went savage. They killed the one person who loved her after mother left, how could they? How dare they! They would all pay! Oh how they would pay. They would pay with their lives!

Their task was easily completed. Her pack called themselves brutal and bloodthirsty, no, she was better than them all! She mourned only slightly for her now fallen friend. She had died. She had given her life to help Twilight with her goal. Oh how that silly girl was easily fooled and manipulated. Father was now battered and beaten, a crumpled heap before her. She stalked to him dangerously close. "How could you? You killed them; you killed the only two important things to me. Now, it's your turn." The voice struck fear into him, more than anything. He could see a reflection of what he had created. His leg so damaged, he could not run. All he could do was stare death in the face. He would be punished.

His screaming ceased with the gurgle of his self drowning in blood. Oh how she smiled. She beamed with an excellence of happiness. He was dead. Her dreams had become a blur of reality. Only, one problem. She now stared at Midnight directly. He had been there for her, but even that didn't register. She secretly hated him too. He got attention and love, she wanted him dead, and so dead he was. She gave him a quick death. An ambush right to the spine and bit it, causing him to lightly be paralyzed. She even hid and killed him from behind so she would not have to strike as much fear or suffering. No, no games for him.

She let loose a howl of anger after a minute. She searched for her mongrel of a brother, Kuro. But he had slipped away. He must have known that she would turn onto him next. He needed to be dead. Her last relative, the only one to live. She would kill him in time due, but for now, she had to let it go, even if she wanted to kill herself for his escape.

Between the hours of dark and light, Twilight surfaces to withhold fright. Arcticwolf1

-Sample Post-
Paw steps attacked the ground vigorously as claws dug into them for traction. Her goal had been completed not long ago, she had ruined her pack. Every last one of them gone. Except Kuro. He had slipped away somehow, most likely when she was busy disturbing Father. Just thinking of that moment made her smile. He was dead. Dead. Heh, served him right.

She ceased her movement and looked across the lands. From the cliffs, she could view the ocean, the sandy shores, and the cliffs that loomed over them, threatening them with their very existence. In the distance, the fading sun has been taken over by the full bright moon. But the moon was under a facade of nature as well. Dark storm clouds rolled into the once unobstructed view.

Another picture of light was painted across the sky as the sky unleashed its fury. Lighting struck the water in violence lashes, hoping to strike it down. But the water just rippled and then went back to its former state. The clouds grew darker within each minute, and then it happened. The sky tore open and unleashed it's sadness as the raindrops fell. A sight that brought her to smile, but not peacefully. She was only content of the smallest amount. Her brother was still out there and he would pay, just as Midnight had.

Midnight, Truth be told, she was a bit upset of killing him, but it had to be done. If she wanted to somehow struggle for peace it had to be done. Her mother was gone too. And the one that loved her and could look past her wickedness had fallen victim to her once living pack as well. She missed him.

Her heart beat fast just at the very memory of his black fur close to hers. The feel of it as he lay next to her, telling her how that they would one day leave and start a pack of their own. They had picked out names for their children, they had even thought of where to go. His scent, a scent that reminded her of roses in the morning. He had always traveled through them and that was the smell, and she loved it. Just him being close to her had made her heart skip a beat, had taken away her breath. But no more.

Her heart sank and tears overwhelmed her, but one wouldn't know it. That was the last time she cried. From now on, she would sit out in the rain if she wanted to cry. She would let the sky cry for her. She would let the transparent raindrops fall out of the torn clouds, just like her heart bled tears of sorrow. A maw in the air let loose a soothing and melodic sound. But this was not one of happiness and joy, it was one of sorrow.

Physical- 2
Social- 1
Logic- 3
Health- 2

-OOC Stuff-
Twilight or Twi

-Contact Info-

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

Between the hours of dark and light, Twilight surfaces to withhold fright. Empty
PostSubject: Judgement Time   Between the hours of dark and light, Twilight surfaces to withhold fright. EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 8:27 pm

ACCEPTED. Please make sure to post Twilight's Character Biography for everyone to check out before posting anywhere IC. Feel free to post anywhere OOC though in the meantime and get to know us! Twilight is currently a loner; go roam the lands of Surrendered Silence, and Welcome.
Sarah Jo, ADMIN
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Between the hours of dark and light, Twilight surfaces to withhold fright.
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