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Buffy finds a way to destroy the First, close the Hellmouth and activate all potential slayers. Destroying Sunnydale and losing friends and lovers in the process. Having to rebuild the Watcher's Council and find the rest of the slayers, they are both starting over, and finally ending their struggles.

Angel and his friends have found a way to destroy the Circle of the Black Thorn. Not without consequences. Hell has come to L.A. They fight to prevent it from taking over, mortally wounded and loosing friends and lovers they rush into the battle. L.A. was lost, most of them lost their lives. Lorne escaping before the battle broken by what he has had to do, Angel, Spike and Illyria surviving alone.

Dean and Sam spent a year looking for a way out. There was none. In the end Dean had to fulfill his bargain and was dragged to hell by the Hellhounds. Sam was helpless to do anything but refuses to give up. Researching, digging, trying everything he can to find a way to bring his brother back. Hit with a hard vision he finds one way, but needs more information, and a witch.

Heading out to find one he runs into Willow and with the right spell, they find a way to help all of them. The Powers that Be give them a chance. One more chance. Save Sunnydale and stop the First from ever rising, Save L.A. and stop the Circle of Black Thorns from taking power. Stop Hell on earth. Save their friends. One more chance to fix the mistakes they made the first time. Find a better way. There's only one catch. Bet their souls. If they succeed, they get their friends and lovers back, save the cities, stop the seals from breaking and Hell from taking over. Keep their souls. Lose, and not only will Hell take over, more then L.A. but the whole of civilization. Losing their friends and their own souls in the process. Time is reset with only them remembering, knowing. It's back to college for Buffy and her friends, back to the Hyperion for Angel and his friends, and back to the Impala for Sam and Dean. Now they try again, betting it all. This time it's

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All or Nothing -> SPN/Buffy/Angel
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