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&& Away...We go.

&& Background
Ayalrom is not part of the planet known to us as 'Earth' or 'Third Rock from the Sun'. It is on a different rock, and in a different solar system. Yes, we all know it's strange, but things happen like this. It's called Evolution. In this other system - to which the dogs now refer to as the 'Grianda' evolution happened on a small planet. Cells, bacteria, little tiny fish things, amphibians...You get the picture. Until there came the wolf, and the dogs. And, like Earth, it underwent many changes in climate and what not. This planet was then known as Aya, but is now known as Ayalrom. The only difference between Earth and Ayalrom was one thing - Unlike Earth, Ayalrom never split. It remained a whole, a Pangea that received the same name as the planet.

&& The Previous way it went.
When the dogs first began to congregate, it was a free for all. Everyone ate what they got, and fights would often break out over whose piece of rabbit it was. A dog could be severely injured if it broke a certain rule that involved something like stepping onto someone's sleeping place. And so it continued on like this, for generations, until one dog decided she'd had enough. She was tired of the fighting over pointless things, when she knew they could be working together to enjoy more food and areas of land. She decided to rise above the dogs, and lead them as would an Alpha of a pack, and so she began to achieve the position. It took a long time, but she stuck at it, and eventually, the dogs grudgingly accepted her leadership. The dog was called Faith.
&& A new Empire.
Under Faith's regime, the dogs became a healthy and disciplined pack, and gradually spread out to cover a variety of territories that contained a wide range of climates. The dogs called these by name, and began to like the lap of luxury to which they lived in, where food was nearly always easy to come by. It was like summer all year round, for if food was scarce in some place, it was always plentiful in another. The dogs that had previously resented Faith now began to adore her, and accepted her leadership without question now. No one mentioned what they would do when Faith passed over. It was the present they lived for, and that was the end of it.
&& The whispers of Change.
Despite everything Faith had done, there were still some dogs that resented her still, and disliked the fact that the dogs were not behaving properly - in their eyes they were becoming lazy and not fulfilling duties that had been set done by them from the beginning of time. These dogs began to meet, to plot, to organise how they were going to achieve one of two things; either kill Faith, or split and take some of the territories for their own. Despite how they felt for Faith, no dog really wanted to take her life, and the second option was chosen. They chose their lands carefully, knowing that survival depended on all dogs living, not just them. It wasn't the other dogs' fault that they couldn't see what was happening to them. They did not deserve to die. The Divulge, as these dogs began to call themselves, cut from the Faithfuls, and formed their own band, in the areas they had claimed as their own.
&& The Fall of the empire.
The splitting of the dogs into two was just the beginning of the end of Faith's large pack. Once the Divulge separated, they divided again, into two packs to control each of the two regions. The leader of the Rozoran was a large Doberman known as Spartan. His pack became hard and disciplined, and retained everything that was to do with the old packs. The other pack became the Sluenai, and was ruled by a German Shepherd by the name of Kisier. The dogs that stayed with Faith began to become uneasy, and lost confidence in the leader for the most part. The Faithfuls were severed into two packs as well, the Azuroz, led by Faith, and the Jaredda, led by Faolan.

&& Now.
The times have past, and the four packs live on the lands of Ayalrom, peaceful bar the regular squirmishes between 'lost' prey and other such minorities. The winter has left the world, and carried away the fatal 'ulpòg' with it, a disease that has wiped out many dogs from the land. The dust that remains of the first four leaders still whisper in the grass and the ice and the desert and the trees, and whisper of the times of Change...

-----------------------------Ayalrom is a semi-literate to advanced wild dog roleplay site, set on a planet not unlike Earth. We have reopened and are now looking for members.

• Friendly, active Admin
• No set plot as of yet
• NOT a Light vs. Dark roleplay forum
• Open pack positions with Alpha auditions
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Ayalrom - a wild dog rp
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