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Welcome to Boundless Universe, a new roleplay haven waiting for your arrival! Made by roleplayers for all roleplayers this place is constantly changing, molding itself to be the best out there, little by little. We belong to no set genre, we're not fandom, we're just hanging on to the remains of a golden age back when roleplay was an art we enjoyed.

...We are refugees...
There was once a time where chats like yahoo were filled with awesome roleplay and things were fun. You had your issues, "n00bs" and inconsiderate people who felt they knew all, but over all it was one of the best places to play. Those times are over, and we're hunting those people desperate for a return to the good of roleplay. To meet other roleplayers who miss the old time-passing storylines original to the players. No direct fandom. And as refugees, everyone is wonderfully nice. Most of the time our new members are spoken to by a horde of others who help them get accustomed to the site and even initiate an rp with them on the spot. New to it altogether? Well, wouldn't you love a loving community that will teach you the ropes and help you be the best you can be, at your own pace?

...We are explorers of new ideas...
Years of godmodding wars and seeing the battles that occur over the smallest of motions, the members of Boundless Universe decided that sometimes, it's not all bad. We have all had times where we didn't want to keep people waiting for weeks because we had to leave early. If we were planning on killing the character anyway, why not let them godmod his/her death? We believe your character has a right to life, but we also feel that there are exceptions, such as life choices. Entering a war doesn't guarantee your return, after all.
Read our Policies to understand more of what we mean. It doesn't mean we support godmodding and metagaming... but we do believe that there are limits to be reminded of.

Original software designed for us brings you the best of both forum-rp and chat-rp worlds. Watch rooms change with the weather, spend and earn gold.Don't be fooled, you don't need to download anything and everything's free.

...We believe anyone can become anything...
High ranks aren't left to moderators and admins. You can make your own kingdom, or lead someone else's!

...We are not just one story...
The world is not one story. It is many entwined. With multiple kingdoms on a single continent there are many oppertunities to jump back and forth from minor to major plots. Maybe you'll join the war of the next kingdom... or maybe you'll stick to your peaceful life of farming and hope next year doesn't bring a drought. It's all up to you.

Have a community you would like to have more interactivity with? Why not join us?
No, we don't mean to take over. For more information, contact us! E-mail:

Writing level: Any
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Boundless Universe RP [lb]
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