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 Audtion for Kaskae

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: Audtion for Kaskae   Audtion for Kaskae EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 4:32 pm

Alright! If you want the chance to play Kaskae, the Alpha male of the Sangiyok Pack, please reply to this post with the rest of the info below filled in! I have filled in some of the necessary stuff, but the rest is up to you! Whomever creates the more interesting Kaskae will win him! Audition will be open until we have atleast 5 people trying out for him! Once we have five, and no new auditions have been posted in a couple days, judging will comene!

Give it your all, and good luck!

-Name- Kaskae
-Meaning of Name (if any)- Chief in Inuit
-Age- 4 Years
-Gender- Male
-Mate- Desna
-Breed- Because Surrendered Silence is set in Alaska, the only breeds allowed are: Grey Wolf or Timber wolf, Arctic Wolf, Eastern Wolf, Great Plains Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf
-Description- Make sure you know what your breed looks like.. This could include limps, scars, eyes, etc;
-Personality- Likes, dislikes, how they interact with others, etc;
-History- This needs to be at least 100 words about their past, and how it affects the way they are today
-Picture- This is required, to add some substance to your description above
-Sample Post- Remember, you may be accepted or denied based upon your sample post! I know it's hard, because it's just you, but get it over with.
-Stats- You have 8 points to distribute between Physical (strength), Social, Logical and Health, UNLESS you are creating a pup under 1 and then you have none.

-OOC Stuff-
-Alias- What do we call you?
-Contact Info- You must have at least an email
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Audtion for Kaskae
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