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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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Meaning of Name:

"Blood" in Inuit


2 Years

See Signature Below

Physical description:
Aok is not the largest male wolf to ever be seen; he has a rather long, thing frame but he is packed full of pure muscle. His stride is long and confident, and when in the presence of an unknown wolf he tends to carry himself higher than he should simply out of habit. His coat is multi-hued, including shades of tan, cream, gray, black and red all throughout his fur. The tips of his ears are black, and his face is framed nicely in a light cream coloring, making each expression seem to pop right out with bold exclamation.

Notorious springs to mind when considering Aok, and it is not necessarily a good thing. He does not have a reputation for being kind-hearted or overly loyal. In fact, in his previous pack, Aok's name is now considered a curse upon the one it is uttered to. He simply laughs it off in a sinister matter, finding the whole thing very entertaining. He gives his loyalty and respect only to those he knows will give him the same in return. Though Aok has a severe problem with authority figures in his life, he is willing to abide by the rules as long as he is respected by doing so. Tending to bore easily, the wolf also wanders and roams often, spending quite a bit of time sniffing out trails that lead to nothing. The wolf has a soft-spot for Sesi, his Alpha female, but would never dare to act upon it (or would he...?) He hides his secret love for her deep inside, refusing to let it surface even for the briefest moment. He is very reserved when he wants to be, and tells very little about his past. And even though he keeps a very stoic facade about him, Aok has a very playful and mischevious spirit when he gets around the right personality..

Kadzait pack
Challenging situations

Authority (Most of the time)
Staying in one place for too long
Losing a meal

He is missing two toes on his right front paw, and has a chipped left canine. Multiple scars on his muzzle

Hmm... That's going to be a secret. Ask him, if you dare.

Finneh, Mother, Alive
Gartavan, Father, Deceased
Lolan, Sister, Alive

Yakone, Alive
Sesi, Alive

Previous Packs:
Nakaii Pack

Current Rank:
Beta (technically)

Previous Ranks:

Current Pack:
Kadzait Pack

Physical ~ 3
Logical ~ 2
Social ~ 1
Health ~ 2

Sarah Jo

Contact Info:
You all already know it

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x..Aok's Bio..x
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