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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: x..Predator and Prey List..x   x..Predator and Prey List..x EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 4:24 pm

Below is a list of Prey, according to the Season
-The color coding is how many wolves are required to take down an adult of the given prey
-I will be the only person RPing as "Prey" or "Predator" whenever your pack decides to hunt

Green= 1 wolf
Orange= 2+ wolves
Red= 3+ wolves

Dall sheep
Snowshoe hares
Field mice

Snowshoe hares
Field mice
Ground squirrels

Hunting trips are not always successful, and there is always possibility of injury. Your Stats come into play during Hunting, also (Physical and Health).

Below is a list of predators
-These predators can become a threat once you have your prey taken down, ex: Caribou, if it wanders over and is hungry enough a fight could ensue

Bears (Black and Grizzly)
ONLY during Spring/Summer months, and into Early Fall
Hibernation takes place during Winter

x..Predator and Prey List..x Wolf_print1sm-1-2
x..Predator and Prey List..x WolfEM-1
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x..Predator and Prey List..x
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