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 when true colors bleed...

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PostSubject: when true colors bleed...   when true colors bleed... EmptySat Feb 21, 2009 3:56 pm

when true colors bleed... Surad

Nobody knows exactly how to get to the island of Surreal, only that you wake up and find yourself in what seems can almost be a dream bordering on the edges of reality. At first, you think that everything is normal, wild horses running the plains with wolves hiding in the shadows, waiting for their prey, and you wander into this world thinking you can live peacefully. There is always this air, however, like the world around you is softly speaking in foreign voices, chanting spells and omens. As you venture further into the island, the voices become louder, but you do not hear them, so much as feel them with every beat of your heart, with every rush of blood through your veins. It's like magic!

Be the First

to hold all the power.

we are waiting for YOU.

SURREAL ISLE -- dancing on embers

| an intermediate to advanced equine RPG |

| a semi-realistic game |

| rated PG-13/R for language and violence |

| herd ranking system and secret societies |

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when true colors bleed...
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