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Kaskae's Bio The_White_Wolf_by_robbobert-1

[center]Name: Kaskae
Meaning of Name: Chief
Gender: Male
Age: Four Years
Physical description: Kaskae stands at about 34 inches from shoulder to shoulder- and is about 130 pounds in weight. Other wise he is a mottled white- a little strange, yes. He has a lithe body, but is more so ready for fighting than running. He does not conceal many scars, only one on his muzzle that was from falling once. His eyes are browny bronzeish. His tail isn't long, and as I said, he is lithe and sporty. Kaskae tends to stare one straight in the eye, not drop his head, and it is as much as a physical fault as a mental one. Kaskae also likes to stare behind him- just in case.
Personality: Kaskae is kind to many wolves, and tends to be patient with all. He likes to weigh his words before he says them- because he knows if they are taken in the wrong way that one might do something Kaskae never intended. He won't take his power for granted, and tries to be a friend to all. He opens his pack for anyone that is prepared to show the respect Kaskae wants- the respect that an Alpha demands. Kaskae will never turn away an injured wolf, and thinks a lot about how he sees many cowards- trust me, Kaskae will never be one of them. He stands up when something is wrong and if one of his family is in danger, he will fight teeth, bone and sinew to protect his family. He isn't one to leave a wolf in the lurch. He's an honor bound wolf, although thinks not much of that if he can help it.
The Cold
Watching Young Pups Learn
Hunting or Just Playing With Friends
Showing of his Dominance(Occasionally)
Being challenged
Being away from his friends, especially Desna
The Heat
Being Forced to Chase Away Wolves
Scars: A scar on his muzzle, from top to bottom, left side.
History: Kaskae was brought up a loner- with nought but a mother to help him grow. He aged quickly because of the hardships he was set too, and never once thought to complain. He mad a habit of never looking back into the past and that way, he managed to survive his years on the tundra. His mother died when he was about a year old as she succumbed to a fatal disease after a deadening winter where they had chosen to wait it out. It was a shame- Kaskae had been bringing back what little food he had found for hismother when she died. Kaskae, driven wild with grief staid around the tundra for another month or so, then calmed. His spirits raised, Kaskae set out to find a pack to join. It didn't take him long, and he staid for a while. But he didnt agree with the Alpha's views and soon left- with ideas to conquer his own pack. He was strong and in his prime, so Kaskae made it once again through the winter and into adulthood. Then, he set about finding a pack he stood a chance of taking over.
Family: Mate- Desna - Alive
Mother- Malahi - Dead
Friends: Desna, Mate
Previous Packs: Kayren Pack- Not In here though =P
Previous Ranks: Omega Male, Kayren Pack
Pack You Wish To Join [Sangiyok or Kadzait]: In Sangyiok
Alias: Teh Vampire
Contact or PM me

K A S K A E…

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Kaskae's Bio
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