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 Only Forever

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PostSubject: Only Forever   Only Forever EmptyWed Feb 18, 2009 7:24 am

xx Only Forever xx
It's Only Forever
Never Never Comes Around

Equality rules in this land. Light and Dark are at peace and no longer war, and the Neutrals watch over and rule all, under the watchful eyes of their Monarchy.

Or so it appears...

The peace is unstable. The Neutrals still rule, but all that could soon change. The Guild is rising, the elite of the underground, threatening to disrupt something, but what as yet remains a mystery.

And many of the Neutrals are no longer so Neutral, their sympathies lying outside their own alliance.

Who can tip the balance of power in their favor?

Why Join Us? ;;

We are a recently opened site with many main postions open.
Amazing plot.
Fantastic, fun members and staff.
Want to have a great time You'll have it here.

Need more reasons?
Come and check us out

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Only Forever
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