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PostSubject: Hoof Prince   Hoof Prince EmptyTue Feb 17, 2009 7:31 am

Enter Hoof Prince

The Ancients have left us and only the powers of the living may save the world…

Nearly a century has passed since the Ancients left Hoof Prince to become dust and the land has felt the pain of their absence. Those who cling onto the belief that the Ancients will return to bring peace to the land are now countered by new deities who promise to give the believers power beyond their wildest imaginations. Now, as the residents of Dominico make their homes here, the equine of Hoof Prince step back as names like Brighton, Rencor, Altus, and Elyria replace the names of the Ancients. Kingdoms have formed under the power of the equine blessed by the gifts of the deities, but how long can this world remain in this fragile balance? How long before an Ancient turns the tables?

Combining the elements of Dominico with the history of Hoof Prince, a new world is brought to you. Walk among the Elementals, attempt to become the most powerful. Become the greatest before the greats of the past come to haunt you.

A 1024x768 resolution or higher
Intermediate/advanced RPG skills

Enter Hoof Prince

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Hoof Prince
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