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 Tsuina; a Demon RPG

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Tsuina; a city of fear and violence. Though many humans suspect their own kind to be the criminals, there are some who know the truth.

Year 3020;
The third great war begins. The beginins of which are unknown. No country is left in peace.
Year 3023;
Millions die at the hands of fellow humans. Fear grips the world.
Year 3026;
The war destroys civilisation as we know it. Atomic bombs are dropped - millions die. The war ends.

In less than a decade, the population shrinks from 6.8 billion to mere thousands.

Year 3027;
The living begin to reforge life for themselves. The biggest city built is Tsuina. Many humans gather here and begin work rebuilding society.
Year 3034;
The city is completed ahead of schadule. Peace is declared for the citizens.
Year 3035;
Humans begin to die mysteriously. Murder becomes a dailty occurance. Guns and other weapons begin to spread throughout Tsuina as protection. Crime rates rise by 400%.
Year 3040;
The present day in Tsuina. Crime is on every street corner. The reason for most murder is still unknown.

As a result of the billions dying in such a short period, even hell was broken; the gates of the underworld were opened by the nuclear bombs, allowing free passage of demons and yurei.

Demons; much like the mythical vampires, hiding under human masks.
Yurei; half animal beasts that stalk the night and prey on human flesh.
And those who can stop them? The hunters and exorcists; humans with great strength and power who try to plug the opening chasm between earth and hell.

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Tsuina; a Demon RPG
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