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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: x..Rules On Mating..x   x..Rules On Mating..x EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 8:55 pm

First and foremost, NO LONG BREEDING! I'm not sure why anyone would really want to RP that out, but whether you do or not, it's not allowed here.

- To conceive pups, your character MUST have a mate (Obviously). There will be no mysteriously pregnant female wolves running around without fathers
- Breeding Season is Winter. Birthing Season is Spring (Please Note: Winter only comes around once every 4 months, to represent the seasons in game) The Current Season will be posted in the Updates Area of the OOC Board
- You will have to RP your wolf as "pregnant" for a period of time, depending on how early or late you conceive them in the Season. You may RP out the birthing process if you like.
- Once your pups information has been given to you, YOU are responsible for finding someone to play your pups once the birth comes around. No one is allowed to play their own pups (This makes things way too complicated for everyone else.)
- Character Biographies MUST be provided for the Pups ASAP, and filled out as entirely as possible (Save for the History, etc;) They can be shorter in length, due to their thus far short lives, but no one can RP as the pup UNLESS they have completed the Biography first!
- Mothers cannot leave the den site AT ALL for 10 real life days. This may be a bit long compared to other sites, but tough. Your mother may post and RP with whomever she likes at the Den site, but you may not post anywhere else on the site. (Though you can Post in OOC Areas)
- There could possibly be predators at the Den Site; They get hungry too ya know! BEWARE!

If you have read the rules above and understand them, below is the process for Conceiving Pups...

-Please create a new Thread, with the Subject including your wolf's name and your mate's name. Ex: "Kaskae X Desna"
-Next, include the Stats for both parents in the post, along with their ranks in the pack. (Please Note: If your characters are NOT the Alphas, you must first have their permission.)
-Within 3-5 days, a reply will be posted containing Information on # of pups, sex of pups, health of pups, appearance, etc; to give you time to find people to play them before they are born
-Your Pups will be born a month (Season) after you post their Stats here in the Flower Fields
-Your mother can only give birth inside the Den Site of the Pack

Thanks for reading the rules, and bring on the babies!
Sarah Jo, ADMIN

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