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 x..Desna's Biography..x

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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-Meaning of Name-
"Boss" in Inuit languages


4 Years old

-Physical description-
Desna is a regal wolf in stature and nature. Her coat is a cream and tan base, frosted with black highlights across her back and down her rump to the tip of her tail. Red hues shine in the sun and catch the rays of light, making her appear as if she were shining when under the sun of mid-day. The wolf is fast and strong, and the bulk of her body is made up of lean muscle and long limbs. Desna's stride is long and swift, giving her a somewhat lanky look when she is on the move. Eyes are cloudy blue in shade, piercing to whomever they settle their gaze on. When she looks at someone she does more than examine their exterior shell; she demands to see their true nature, deep within. Some find it intimidating, while those who know her best take it as a compliment to have this femme's full attention.

Respect and loyalty are the most important aspects in Desna's life. Her pack, which she rules with the watchful eye of a mother, is a family to her. Though she can be very strict when it comes to demanding submission from those in lower ranks, the wolf is truly good-natured and only wants the best for those in her tight knight group. She holds herself to high standards, as well as those around her, wanting only the best effort from everyone. Desna is easily angered, especially when she recieves criticism or advice when she doesn't ask for it. But there is one other that she has nothing but love and respect for; Kaskae, her mate and ruler at his side of Sangiyok pack. Whenever she is frustrated, bewildered or simply having a rotten afternoon, Kaskae is the one who can cheer her up and put her mind at ease. He balances her out, to say the least. Desna loves the young members of a pack, specifically pups. Her domineering demeanor melts away when her eyes lay upon the floppy form of a young pup, and she becomes as playful as one in their presence.

Pups and Young wolves
A Challenging Hunt
Receiving Respect

Dominant Females on her Lands
Seeing fellow Wolves Suffer
Weak Wolves

Large scar going up her left leg from the toe to the top of her shoulder

-History- (200 words min.)
Coming Soon, once audition for Kaskae is finished

Kaske, Mate, Alive
Keiko, Father, Deceased
Lareda, Mother, Unknown
Ryu, Sibling, Unknown
Haka, Sibling, Unknown

Kaske, Mate

-Previous Packs-
Kaledia River Pack

-Previous Ranks-
Pup of Alpha

Physical ~ 1
Logical ~ 1
Social ~ 3
Health ~ 3

Sarah Jo, ADMIN

-Contact Info-
Either PM me on the board, or email me at

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x..Desna's Biography..x
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