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PostSubject: Aleu's Bio   Aleu's Bio EmptyFri Feb 13, 2009 1:12 pm

Name: Aleu
Meaning of name: IDK. Saw it in Balto 2 Wolf Quest and liked it. If anyone knows what this means, PM me. Nuff said.
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Description: Aleu's coat is rather simple. She is a mix of grey and white. (See avatar and picture.) Her coat is thick and bushy. She has a long fluffy tail and golden eyes that shimmer. When her coat is clean, it shines in both moonlight as well as sunlight. She is not fond of her fur and can let it get scraggly and unruly. She is rather strong, and her muscles show. In addition, she has long legs, making her seem taller. Her coat is medium length, keeping her cozy in winter time. She is truly a beautiful wolf at heart.
Personality: For the most part, Aleu is a kind, caring, loyal, and devoted wolf. She has a motherly side of her that most wolves just do not have. She is very adaptive to her surroundings, and is glad for what she has as long as she is alive and with family. She will risk her life for the lives of others. She does, however, have a very powerul and aggresive side of her that unleashes the power during hunts and fights. She fights ugly when she has to, and will do anything for her pack mates and the ones she knows. She is a very strong-willed wolf, and you would be lucky to have her as a friend.
Likes: Moonlight, snow, swimming, running, eating, walking through the woods.
Dislikes: Really hot weather, bears, humans, stubborn prey, female wolves that act all girly-girly like a princess.
Scars: Physical: None. Emotional: She has always had an emotional scar about her mother. She is a mystery to Aleu, and she yearns to have her back.
History: She was born in a threesome, with one brother and one sister. Life was good until one day, 10 months later. A mysterious pack took over the pack land. Destroyed it. Ruined it. Turned it to dust. Aleu's brother was killed in the fight. Her sister survived. Her parents, which were also the alphas, had become depressed with a burden that could not be lifted for a long time. The pack was torn apart. A few stayed, but others left. It was very hard on Aleu's parents. Two weeks after the invasion, the pack woke to find yet another tradejy... The alpha female had disappeared. None knew why the alpha had left. Then, although not doing the same to her sister, Aleu's dad rejected her from the pack. To this day she does not know why, but she has an educated guess that he did not want to deal with a wriggly mourning 10 month old puppy. So, a few days after her mother disappeared, Aleu left Yellowstone National Park-- and her former homeland-- by force. She wasn't going back, she knew that. So, to prove her strength and courage and to start a new life, she embarked on a journey to the wilderness of Alaska.
Family: No one knows where they are now.
Friends:She doesn't know anyone. Will post when she finds mate/friends.
Previous Packs: Specimen Ridge
Previous Ranks: None
Strength: 2
Social: 2
Logical: 2
Health: 2
OOC Name: Jenna
Contact: erm... my dad's email Arrow ATTENTION! If you have something to say, private message me.

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Aleu's Bio
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