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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

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PostSubject: x..Joining Application..x   x..Joining Application..x EmptyTue Feb 10, 2009 4:42 pm

-Name- Be original, and please check our Names List before choosing one
-Meaning of Name (if any)- Make sure you're correct on the meaning..
-Age- In years
-Gender- Boy or girl
-Breed- Because Surrendered Silence is set in Alaska, the only breeds allowed are: Grey Wolf or Timber wolf, Arctic Wolf, Eastern Wolf, Great Plains Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf
-Description- Make sure you know what your breed looks like.. This could include limps, scars, eyes, etc;
-Personality- Likes, dislikes, how they interact with others, etc;
-History- This needs to be at least 100 words about their past, and how it affects the way they are today
-Picture- This is required, to add some substance to your description above
-Sample Post- Remember, you may be accepted or denied based upon your sample post! I know it's hard, because it's just you, but get it over with.
-Stats- You have 8 points to distribute between Physical (strength), Social, Logical and Health, UNLESS you are creating a pup under 1 and then you have none.

-OOC Stuff-
-Alias- What do we call you?
-Contact Info- You must have at least an email
-Password- Yes, there is a password hidden somewhere in the rules..

Please post a new thread with the above information under "Joining". You must wait until you are accepted by me or a mod to post anywhere else on the site.
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x..Joining Application..x
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