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PostSubject: Vian Valley   Vian Valley EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 5:57 pm

[align=center]Vian Valley Vv2[/align]
Pack lands were once pushed tightly together bordering the high walls of Vian Valley. Except for the last 300 years, no wolves have lived inside the large expanse of open land. Wolves from the packs on either side refused to enter; it was a "gray zone", the traveling ground for loners, an area silently agreed upon by all alphas that should remain vacant.

A few years ago, a number of the local scientists studying the packs noticed a sudden, steep dive in the number of wolves. A terrible disease the scientists couldn’t quite identify, called "Teraphis Fever" by the humans, swept through the wolf population before anyone could stop it, slowly killing every wolf there was. A large team sent by the government tried to fix the problem. They introduced new wolves into the packs, but they were either run off or caught by the disease as well. After a hard-fought, tiring four months, the areas fell silent.

The disease won.

Vian Valley was somehow miraculously spared by the trees lining the valley's walls. With the old taboo broken, loners began turning to the Valley for a home. Packs were quickly established, alliances made, bonds formed, children birthed, and life went on normally...

Except the threat of the disease still hung over everyone's head... and a terrible group was created in the aftermath. Those who weren't killed by the disease were often driven insane, and a vicious leader rose to gather the insane disease survivors together. His name is Scuro, and it is said that he lost his human form and is now a rabid wolf, hungry for war and flesh. Scuro has gathered followers for several months (both insane residents and just plain evil-doers alike) much longer than the other packs. He and his followers torment the other wolves...

Tension has grown particularly between Foggy Peak and Barren Hollows. Scuro took an interest in the Alphess and her pack, and as the two begin to atagonize each other, trouble brews among the wolves...

Join us in Vian Valley! The site has much to offer to you:

  • 3 different packs to choose from
  • An Interactive and Ongoing Plot
  • Friendly staff on several times a day
  • Plenty of places to role-play...
  • ... and plenty of members to roleplay with, at 40+!

[align=center]JOIN US TODAY![/align]
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Vian Valley
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