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PostSubject: Twilight Memories - Northern RPG   Twilight Memories - Northern RPG EmptySun Apr 19, 2009 1:19 pm

I've never posted on this style forum I hope the codes work. O.o

Site Name: Twilight Memories
RP Level: Intermediate +
Began: April, 2006

Interested in some site features?

  • 275 word IC posting minimum
  • Friendly staff and members
  • Wide variety of playable species (fox, lynx, wolf, and coyote freely…owl, eagle, cougar, bear, wolverine, marten, and bobcat by audition)
  • Ability for members to create new groups
  • Ability for members to discover, explore and claim new lands, or conquer those already owned
  • Ongoing, evolving plots, growing as users play
  • Periodically changing layout

Time passes and things change, sometimes rapidly and sometimes unnoticeably so. Once upon a time, there were only two wolf packs in the lands. One was ruthless and the other full of virtue. They clashed and after a great battle one was banished and the other withdrew into its borders. From then, a lynx clan settled in, kind and curious, and another pack came, spunky and full of pranks. For a while, the three groups lived together fine, though they were not without their quarrels when the newest pack pulled its tricks. Then, generations after the first battle, it happened: Keva’al returned.

The ruthless Keva’al came back for revenge on the ones that had banished them: Arshigo. They settled into the lands in their former territory and plotted and grew while word of their arrival reached out to the rest of the land’s inhabitants. Tensions rose as it seemed that the ruthless wolves would finally be able to exact their revenge, but plans do not always go as expected. A mountain in Keva’al lands erupted, sending a massive cloud of rock and ash into the air. The pack was scattered and those that did not escape the volcanic fury were killed. Only a few remain, displaced from their homes and fighting to start over, angrier than ever.

The lynx clan came to its end as well, destroyed by time and a bad encounter with a wolverine that killed the clan’s leader. Who once could have been allies of Arshigo are now gone except for a lone member or two now out on their own. Meanwhile Dirac, the third wolf pack, sits in its own little world as its leader plots for the future. With a personal dislike of the leadership of the Arshigo, how much would it take to turn them completely on the other pack?

Then, there are the loners, travelers, and other wandering creatures of the lands. Will they side with what packs are there? Or start groups of their own and wait in the wings for Keva’al and Arshigo to destroy each other? Plenty of lands remain to be explored and plenty to be claimed for those with the moxie to start their own tribes. Anyone can change the tides of time and cause a shift in the world as it is known. Where will you stand as twilight falls?

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Twilight Memories - Northern RPG
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