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PostSubject: Dark Sunlight____[Warrior Feline] LB   Dark Sunlight____[Warrior Feline] LB EmptyThu Apr 02, 2009 7:48 pm

The wild cats have prowled through the forest for many generations. It is within this forest that they have segregated themselves into four clans. DayClan, DawnClan, DuskClan, and NightClan. These clans of feral cats live under a strict hierarchy, following a code of honor known as the “Warrior Code”. Their boundaries are rigid and the peace between the four often wavers.

Yet they survive, and they live.

Dark Sunlight is feral cat RPG based on the Warriors series written by Erin Hunter. After a long hiatus, and a makeover, the site is once again opening its doors. It is a growing community with friendly, literate role players and a snazzy getup. Check it out, and we’d love to have you.

[ url ][ /url ]

Opened: Summer 2005
Rated: PG-13
Level: Intermediate +
Genre: feral / warrior cat
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Dark Sunlight____[Warrior Feline] LB
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