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PostSubject: Adopt Aleu   Adopt Aleu EmptySun Mar 22, 2009 8:39 am

Hey guys. I'm leaving SS, and I would like my charrie, Aleu, to live on!
Name: Aleu
Meaning of Name: IDK, it was used in Balto 2 Wolf Quest and I liked it. Nuff said.
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Breed: Grey Wolf
Description: Aleu is a white and grey wolf with golden eyes.
Personality: Aleu is king, caring, thoughtful, and will risk her life for the lives of others. She does, however, have a powerful and aggresive side of her.
History: Her history is long and complicated. As a small and young 10 month old pup, her Amethyst Mountain home was attacked by a mysterious wolf pack, which to this day is unknown. At first, she had a good life. Then her home land was attacked and her pack was torn apart. Some stayed, but others left. Her brother was killed in the fight, and her mother slightly injured. The pack woke up one morning to find yet another tradejy-- their alpha female was gone. Then Aleu's father made her leave. She never understood why, but she thinks that it is because he didn't want to deal with a grieving 10 month old female puppy. So, Aleu left by force and embarked on a journey out of Yellowstone and into Alaska. And here she is.

Sample Post: Aleu sat happily in the dirt with her siblings. They were playing next to there mother happily. Then the pack heard a low rumble, like elk coming toward them. The entire pack, including the pups, went to see what was the matter. Then the pack saw the gut-wrenching noise. Racing toward them, claws out, teeth bared, was a pack of about 30+ wolves. The pack ran in all directons. Some scrambled for safety. Others grabbed pups and ran to nowhere in particular. Aleu stood in shock. Finally, the only yearling in the pack picked her up and ran. Aleu looked back at her homeland. It was being destroyed by the mysterious wolves. Ruined. Turned to dust. The yearling finally arrived in a clump of trees. Aleu had no idea where they were. The pair sniffed for the pack and walked in the direction of the scent. At last, they found the pack.
S t a t s
Strength: 2
Social: 2
Logical: 2
Health: 2
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Adopt Aleu
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