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 Don't look back. [Open]

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Don't look back. [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Don't look back. [Open]   Don't look back. [Open] EmptyThu Mar 12, 2009 3:37 pm

T h e p u p p e t: Mist the quiet
T h e i n v o l v e d: Unknown
T h e s t a t u s: Complete
T h e n o t e s:

~When you start talking I start walking.

The waterfall. A pretty nice place to hang out, calm, tranquil...
Boring. Yawn. I needed something to do, entertainment. But
what to do... Go and bitch around somebosy? No, I really didn't
feel like it at the moment.I yawned tiredly, at the moment, I was
sitting under a tree. Relaxing for a moment as I let calm thoughts
fill my mind. I don't know why, but I was thinking a lot about my past
lately. I pretty much had let my thoughts drift away about them. Now
I was thinking more and more about the time I saw my family run off,
giving me fearful anxious glances over their shoulders as they fled
for their lives. I sighed, closing my eyes and rewinding the memories
like a video recorder.


"What? No I won't let you go off there by yourself!" I
scowled at Lily, my mother who looked exactly like myself, apart
from the fact she had long flowing, silky white fur and warm
amber eyes. A very motherly figure I had looked up to. "We'll
be safe in the cave, Missy."
she said softly, I winced as she
called me by my nickname. Missy. I hanged my head, thinking. The
rain had been almost constant, my fur was always soaked to the
bone and we all knew something bigger was coming. "Go find
your brother."
Sirion? I hadn't seen him since yesterday at
a pack meeting my father Dagg had held. My frown deepened, but
I nodded. "Sure. Any ideas where he'll be hangin'?" I
inquired, looking at my mothers patient expression as she spoke.
"No.. But he might be in the forest somewhere. Hurry. We'll
be leaving soon. You have ten minutes."
I nodded again,
turned and rushed off, feeling Lilys eyes stare at me until I was
out of sight.

I rushed forward, calling Sirions name a few times, no answer. I
sighed, my brow furrowing. Being a yearling was such a drag,
everyone was worrying about me. But still, I knew Sirion better
then anyone else, we were close. I checked the bushes, sniffing
carefully, looking for his scent. But the recent rainfall had washed
most of the smells away. I growled lightly in frustration.
"Crap." if he didn't show up soon, the pack would leave.
Most in that group weren't patient, the only ones who were, was
my mother, and my brother. I was not very patient at all, it was
always a rush with me. I had to hurry. "SIRION" I shouted,
as loud as my lungs would allow. "Damn it, Sirion, where the
hell are you!"
How long did Lily say I had? Ten minutes? I
guessed only three minutes had gone by, seven minutes left. Ok.
I tried to do two things at once. Count the seconds in my head
and shout for my brother at the same time. Twenty, twenty one,
twenty two, twenty three.. "Sirion." twenty seven, twenty
eight, twenty nine... "Huh?" A males voice answered in the
distance nearby, I blinked. "Sirion. Get your ass over here."
I commanded dryly, "The pack is leaving, we got to go."
"Huh?" he said again, "What? Why?" he asked.

"Idiot! Didn't you hear what Mom said yesterday? She said
there was this big storm coming.. And.. Did she say it was
I asked, fear in my voice. He stepped forward and
licked my muzzle, trying unsuccessfully to reassure me. "Hey sis, it'll
be fine. C'mon. And, she might be wrong.."
he trailed
off and stopped. He knew as well as I, that Lily was a wise old
female, she didn't usually make mistakes. How the hell she knew
what was happening, I don't know. Maybe it had happened to her
before. I rolled my eyes at him and turned to lead the way back
to the pack, he kept pace with me, for once being silent. The
seconds ticked by, in a time that seemed like ages as we walked
along. "So. Where we going?" he asked, his voice smooth.
"The cave.. You know, the one by the mountains? Lil- Mom said
it would be good for shelter."
I said, trying to meet the casual
tone in his voice. It didn't work, my voice broke twice and I sighed.
"Oh." Was the reply he gave me, there wasn't really much
to say.

I nodded, and then I looked up the see the clouds that had
parted a moment ago, press together again. An angry black mass
that blocked out the sun, I shivered at the cold feeling I got, we
neared the place where Lily and the pack had been eight minutes
ago, but she was gone. I felt panic rise in my throat, and looked
around desperately as the rain became hard, almost like hail
stones. The force of it was so hard as it pelted down on my back.
Sirion seemed just as bad. He let out a whimper and ducked his
head. Howls close by from the mountains told me that the pack
had already reached the cave. What? They were supposed to
wait! Sirion licked my shoulder, giving me a quick parting look.
"I better catch up. Be safe." he sighed, turned and bolted
for the mountains. Coward. He was still a pup like myself, and
really, he was acting more like one every day. I stared after him,
lowering my tail until it tucked under my legs. My legs shook, my
expression changed into one of determination.

I pushed forward, my paws scrabbling at the mud, I tried to keep
balance and gain speed as I ran after Sirion, panting. He was
slower then me, but somehow, he stayed in the lead. We reached
the mountains in a matter of a few minutes, in which time the
thunder had began to start. It was faint, starting in the distance.
I twitched in concern as I heard it get louder. "Its.. Going.. To..
be.. Fine."
Sirion said inbetween pants. I longed to accept his
words and believe in them, but I couldn't. I could feel the ground
vibrating under my paws, and at first, I thought it was the rain
getting harder, shaking the earth. I couldn't have been more
wrong. The mountains were very old, they got smaller every year.
And the rain, coming down so hard on the cliffs, was braking off
small pieces. These pieces, got bigger. Rolling along down the
sides of the mountains and crashing onto the land below. I
gasped, my run slowing. Sirion continued, eager for the protection
of the cave. "No! Sirion, come back.. Its going to cave in!" I
screamed after him. I stopped, whining as I knew my words didn't
reach him. A huge boulder tumbled down, landing directly in front
of him, I heard a yelp, and the dust cloud blocked me from seeing
anything else. I only heard the sounds of rocks, bashing against
the caves, and the shouting of my family, being trapped in the
cave and then being crushed.


I opened my eyes after a long time, sighing. To my surprise,
tears of loss were sliding down my face. I had the capacity to
express these emotions, I wasn't all bitch.. I shook my head, forced
myself to stop and stood up. I was hungry, food, would probably cheer
me up again. I didn't want to think about the wolf who had made it out
of the cave, my ex lover, Reise. I walked off, keeping my head low,
searching. Even a mouse would be fine, I just needed something, anything.
My silvery blue optics scanned the forest, narrowing in concentration.
The fresh carcass of a small deer was close by, under a tall spruce tree.
I smiled, it was a rare, lucky find. I trotted toward it, sinking my fangs
into its tender flesh, I began to eat. After a few bites, I was full. I really wasn't
that hungry, but of course, I felt better then I had been after eating. I made my
way to a spot which really wasn't very shady, but it would do, and I
started to lick the blood off my muzzle and paws.
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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

Don't look back. [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Don't look back. [Open]   Don't look back. [Open] EmptyFri Mar 20, 2009 5:03 pm

Multicolored hues danced across the surrounding landscape, banner held high in excitement by the scent of fresh meat. Each light and nimble step brought the body closer and closer to the intoxicating smell, but another danced into the senses once the distance had been closed. Ears pricked involuntarily and fur bristled at the hackles, on the ready for anything. Orbs darted this way and that as form hunkered down to the ground, belly flat in the dirt. Breath was even but heavy, and the tongue longed to loll out the side of his maw. But he held it back, unwilling to give up his position for something so basic.

Gaze wandered around the area for a few moments, looking all about before falling on the familiar outline of a deer carcass. Muscles twitched, pleading to be set loose so he may bound over to it and devour the free meal that came along times few and far between. But something held him back, and good thing for it. The strange wolf he had sensed about came into view and wandered to the meat, taking it's fill. Muzzle lifted a bit to test the breeze, as mind determined it was a she-wolf before him. Just as soon as she had appeared she wandered off, going to lie under a tree to lick off the limbs. A light snort was emitted from the brute's maw, and he lifted his small form. Shoulders remained hunkered down as he slowly but steadily approached the meat, settling down to crouch next to it. Tongue came out to lap at the crimson and tender flesh, the tastes slipping down his throat with ease. Eyes remained steadfast on the unfamiliar just a ways off, wondering if he dared leave the meal to encounter her..

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Don't look back. [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Don't look back. [Open]   Don't look back. [Open] EmptyTue Mar 24, 2009 2:57 pm

T h e p u p p e t: Mist
T h e i n v o l v e d: Aok
T h e s t a t u s: Complete
T h e n o t e s:

Ooh. Someone was here, a little someone to possibly entertain a bored female such as myself? I snickered, well, being alone for a long time can make you want to take things to the extreme. My creamy banner flicked back and forth behind me, I wasn't too impressed with the wolf that came along. I was no delicate, foolish little darling. Oh no. The venom that ran through these veins could erupt at any moment. I wasn't the same wolf I used to be, maybe just a little bit more bitchy, but that was probably it. I was in no way truthful, lies were my specialty, I slouched further into the tree, resting my muzzle on both front paws as I watched the stranger. Nothing uncommon about him... Really. It was the acknowledgment that he was male that made me slightly cautious. A small growl,
softly came out from my parted jaws. I watched him, he really didn't seem concerned with how close he was being. I saw him hesitate, though. before walking forward to claim the meat.

My head raised at once, all though I was full, I might get hungry and want to return for it again later. Who knew where I would find my next meal? I glared at him, hackles raising on my shoulders, my glowing orbs stared into his. "You are not the type of man with manners, are you? Feel free to enlighten me why you have disturbed my peace. Speak now, I haven't much patience and I won't pretend otherwise." I snapped, oh, yes I normally greeted all strangers this way. I was just anticipating how he would react to my sudden hostile display. Just in case he could snap as easily as I
could, my tail tucked so it was positioned on one of my back legs, safe from harms way, my legs spread and I tucked my chin so my throat wasn't exposed. I already had the protection of the trees, if he lunged, I would simply dart away. I was not a fighter, but I did have the element of surprise.

These dancers legs that kept me running were swift and agile, but this brute hadn't even said a word yet. But, I judged others quickly even when they had yet to speak. I stared past his shoulder, thinking I had seen something. I didn't relax my stance at all, I was still waiting. My back arched, I was a loner, but I was also fierce. I wasn't some inexperienced pup who ran away and bowed down to everyone they met.
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Don't look back. [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Mayhem comes in different forms   Don't look back. [Open] EmptyFri Mar 27, 2009 4:32 pm

<center><table bgcolor=white width="550" style="border-color: red; border-width: 10px; border-style: solid;" cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 width=47><tr><td><center><font color="black" size="2" face="Vrinda" style="letter-spacing: 3px;"><div align="justify"><center> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

give your soul to me. For eternity, release your life,
to begin another time with her. End your grief with me,
there’s another way. Release your life, take your place
inside the Fire with her.
( Inside the Fire by Disturbed)

Long sleek ligaments moved as the high lord made his way toward the other two lupines. And it seemed that this unknown imbecile dared to try and pick a fight with Aok? What indeed made this foolish mistress think that indeed she could hold herself in a fight against Yakone’s favorite solider?

Kissers peeled back as dentals were bared toward the mistress. Tail lifted in a manner of dominance toward the subordinate mistress. Snarls started to coil from Yakone’s throat. Hackles lifted as he stalked toward the mistress. Spine arched as ebony pelt was sent a bristle. Talons clicked against the terrain in a menacing nature. Tongue ran over dentals and flicked quickly out of his maw, rubbing along his dentals and against his kissers. Shoulders were rolled as tail was held aloft. Another rumble was released from his maw as he drew closer to the mistress.

Once more a snarl poured from his maw. No, Aok was nothing like Yakone. Yakone being the once to bite first and ask questions later. But here here, Yakone would indeed make his next corpus from the body of his new mistress if she didn't pay her respect like she should. But dentals were flashed once more toward her. Maw opening as he snapped quickly at her sides and crow hopped away, only to bring himself next to Aok. Gaze was flicked toward Aok as Yakone gave him a menacing grin. Yes, Yakone would indeed groom Aok for leadership of the pack. But what Aok needed to learn was the heartlessness that Yakone held to everything that was outside the family.

But attention was turned back toward the mistress as Yakone hissed his feathered disdain toward the mistress. I am Yakone, leader of the Kadzit rogue pack. He would indeed remind this foolish mistress what the Kadzit pack was known for. Strick hostility and giving death to all enemies. And Yakone enjoyed his job quiet well. Tongue ran across his kissers as he allowed another growl to stream from his system before flicking his gaze toward Aok. Beta... I see we meet again... Yakone cooly stated. He was indeeding telling Aok that he was now his beta. It seemed that Yakone was almost growing fond of the young brute.

Smirk peeled across kissers as Yakone nudged Aok in a brotherly way. The brute taking his pelt and brushing it lightly against Aok's but Yakone's meancing gaze was flicked once more back toward this unknown mistress. Cranium lowering as he protected his own throat. Tail was still carried aloof. But Yakone briskly nudged Aok to tell him to do the same. Audits were pinned quickly against Yakone's cranium as he eyed this new mistress.

<font color=red> Yakone | Kadzait Pack| Rules 2| Sired 0| Sesi|</font>

<center><font face=georgia size=8 color=red>Yakone </font>
HTML by era!</div></font></font></font></font></div></td></tr></table></center>
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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

Don't look back. [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Don't look back. [Open]   Don't look back. [Open] EmptyFri Apr 17, 2009 8:53 am

Reality had a funny way of twisting the truths, spinning about and forming something completely different. Some alternate world where things were different than they normally were. The femme was now speaking to him, but the brute found it hard to focus on what she was saying. And as Aok's eyes quickly looked to the approaching Yakone, his current surroundings went on a twisty-turvey ride towards some wacky world where perhaps his leader could respect him for once. Legs quickly lifted him to rise, watching as the events unfolded between the Alpha and the testy loner. Silently Aok observed her, drinking in the curves of her form, all the while keeping Yakone in his line of sight.. Just in case..

The ebony wolf bumped into him after snapping at the femme, and Aok couldn't help but bristle up a bit and feel his body tense, though he quickly hid such a mechanism. Crimson paint caked his muzzle, though he paid it no mind; if all went as planned, the carcass would belong to Kadzait in a few minutes anyway. Then he could continue feasting in peace, as he had wanted all along... Beta? Ears pricked a bit at the greeting from Yakone, along with a brisk nod to show his own acknowledgement. Thoughts raced as the multi-colored wolf looked at the femme with curiosity, wishing he could simply flip the switch and mimic his Alpha's ruthless ways..

Unfortunately, Yakone seemed to enjoy raising havoc. Aok was not a peaceful wolf by any means, but he often opted to take the road less riddled with unnecessary violence. However the lone female had shown hostility straight out the gate, and for that she would surely be sorry, for Yakone now readied in a stance prepared for battle. And with the nudge to his shoulder, Aok got the hint that he was to follow suit. If his leader wanted another side of him, then he would damn well get it..

Hackles raised both in offense and defense, giving the somewhat small form a larger appearance. Upper lip raised to reveal canines, glinting white in the light like a menacing maniac waiting to pop. Head lowered to stare her down, eyes piercing through to the very core like a predator sizing up (or down) it's prey. If she wasn't careful than she would be the prey.. Fuck the deer; warm blood was always a much better taste. Words flowed forth from his maw, surprisingly low to be coming from such a small statured wolf.

Manners were never my forte', but I'll try to work on it... Hmm, let's see...How do they say.. Who the fuck are you?

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Don't look back. [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Don't look back. [Open]   Don't look back. [Open] EmptyThu Apr 23, 2009 12:10 pm

Post coming...
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Don't look back. [Open] Empty
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Don't look back. [Open]
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