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 x..Rules for Adopting A Character..x

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Sarah Jo

PostSubject: x..Rules for Adopting A Character..x   Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:18 pm

There are several wolfies that have been thought up by Members of Surrendered Silence, but simply have no one to play them! If you're interested in playing one of the character's you have seen here, please read the below..

-If there are rules pertaining to whomever wishes to play a listed Wolf, you MUST abide by them
-Some will require an Audition, and some will not. If they DO require an Audition, please post in the 'Audition' section with the title of the thread being 'Audition for (wolf's name)'
-If they do NOT require an Audition, please reply to the thread of the Wolf you wish to adopt, filling in any "flexible" info and the required form.
-Make sure you only change the aspects of that character noted as "flexible"
-Certain wolves may be family members/friends of wolves belonging to Current members, and therefor need to be played accordingly
-Please make sure you have read the Laws of the Lands before Auditioning for or asking for any of these adoptable characters (There is a Password, so be sure to read them!)
-You must wait until you have been OKed by the Admin or a Mod before posting anywhere IC on Surrendered Silence

Thanks, and have fun!
Sarah Jo, ADMIN

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x..Rules for Adopting A Character..x
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