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 +As I twirl 'round and 'round+

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PostSubject: +As I twirl 'round and 'round+   Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:47 pm

Sesi gazed up the side of the falls with a silent shudder. The places was so beautiful, but it struck a fear within her core. The sounds of the rushing water was soothing enough, that it always managed to lure her into its seductive trap. But she never did know what was at the very top. A rainbow spread across the misty waters, making it all the more attractive as she gazed into its hypnotic movements with cool brown optics. Hypnotic really was the best word for it. She felt like if she got too close, the forceful cascades would pull her in. That's what she'd been told as a pup, anyway. Don't get too close, or the falls will take you, and you'll never be seen again. Whether she believed it or not was irrelevant; she'd never get too close, just for the fact that something awful might happen. That would be common logic's effect, not superstition. She dipped her muzzle into the fresh water, taking a long drink from its cool life.

Sesi's gaze once again lingered towards the falls. Deep down she wanted to scale the height, linger inside the pockets behind the misty falls, and do all the things she once did. But memories flowed back to her and held her back from doing so. She wasn't a young thing like she used to be, anyway, and the occasional ache in her leg reminded her of the potential consequences of such things. So instead she reclined in the grass alongside the water, closing her eyes. The sun beat down upon her off-white pelt, warming the skin underneath. Life was all around her, and in turn she could help but think to herself, that it was a lovely day to be alive.

(Ew, crappy first post xD)
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Sarah Jo

PostSubject: x..Without a Sound..x   Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:22 pm

Lingering scent of another pulled the Alpha femme from the comfort of Sanigyok's pack den and out into the world. Birds flew above her head, chirping happily in their own little daze as they flitted through the gaps in the branches high above the wolf's head. She knew the woods of Sangiyok like an old friend, and they had become more than familiar to her. Each stump was in it's rightful place, and the scenery changed very little from one venture the femme made through the trees to the next. Paws fell heavy onto the ground, a light thump-thump noise accompanying her like that of an attention-hungry yearling. Though her paws did give her away to anyone within a few feet, she was otherwise silent, breathing softly to herself as she swiftly made her way towards Crimson Lake.

By the time she arrived it was mid-day, and Sun was beating down on her ruthlessly. Icy blue orbs surveyed her surroundings and immediately caught sigh of the wolf she had caught whiff of; a dirty, white wolf across the lake from her. Femme immediately stopped, ears pricked a bit to catch the slightest sound and eyes watching the other closely with intent. Her muscles twitched in anticipation as Desna watched the wolf drink from the cool lake's waters and look about. What was she looking at so closely? Her own eyes dared not to venture to where the wolf's head turned to examine, but the curiosity was killing her. Nevertheless, the Alpha kept her cool and waited for the other to notice her.

This could get good.

OOC: Hehe, no prob, me too ^^ Hey, Yakone called for a pack meeting at Kadzait Den Site, just FYI. I think I'll be creating a wolfie to RP in Kadzait with you guys pretty soon
Femme | 4 Summers | Queen of Sangiyok Pack | Love: Kaskae | No Pups

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PostSubject: Death is the hardest part, well, only before living.   Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:24 pm

Yakone grunted, that was really all he could do at the present time, his limbs stretching as he slowly made his way over to his mate, yes, his beautiful mate, his own muscles were flexing inside his body as he drifted toward her, her meek shy nature always made him smile, even though he should have been turned off by something that could not even stand the sound of rushing water.

Look at him though, brave and bold alpha of a gang of outlaws, just making his way through life with only a mate but without a pack, odd how those things worked out hu? His lips slowly pulled back into a smirk as he approached her hello my dear, I see you are well. He laughed softly, lowering his head as he rubbed it along her side softly, tongue running out as he licked her face gently.

His own body lowered toward the terrain, head was rested upon his paws as he lapped slowly at the quick rushing water, then he slyly looked back up toward his mate and smirked, his own tail wagging slightly as he sighed his own happiness. [/b]
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PostSubject: Re: +As I twirl 'round and 'round+   

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+As I twirl 'round and 'round+
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