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 Member's Survey

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

PostSubject: Member's Survey   Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:25 am

-What's your name?-

-How old are you?-

-Which state do you live in?-


-Which characters do you play here on SS?-

-How long have you been RPing for?-

-Are there any other sites you recommend?-

-Tell us a joke-

-How often do you get online?-

-What's the longest you have stayed online in one sitting?-

-What's your favorite color?-

-What's your favorite animal?-

-Likes [4 things]-

-Dislikes [4 things]-

-What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to other RPers?

-What do you think of the site, Surrendered Silence?-

-Do you RP genres other than canine? Which ones?-

-Have you recommended SS to any of your friends?-

-Did anyone recommend you to join?-

-What's the date today?-

-What time is it?-

-What does a cow say?-

Have a good day guys! Thanks for doing the Members Survey! ^^
Sarah Jo, ADMIN

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Member's Survey
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