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 what is it you fight for?; original dog fantasy rpg

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Canis Fi

PostSubject: what is it you fight for?; original dog fantasy rpg   Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:08 am

Offering: An original fantasy canine RPG.
Welcoming: Intermediate/Advanced, and Beginners who are willing to work and improve their posting skills.
Main Concept: Dogs vs Wolves
Wolf Powers: Fire, Earth, Air, Water
Dog Powers: Enhanced Speed, Strength, Senses, Healing
Hybrid Powers (audition only, four available, check information): Telepathy, Mind Control, Telekinesis, Illusions

This RPG is not one in which the characters skip around making friends with each other. This RPG is not one in which the inhabitants live in harmonious utopia.

This is a story.

Of four wolf packs possessing the powers of the elements, fighting to keep from being driven out of the only home they have ever known, and to drive out those who have intruded upon it and worn out their welcome.

Of four dog packs who stand their ground against these wolves, given enhanced abilities by the spirits of the past great dogs so that they may continue protecting each other and protecting their humans with their lives; with indestructible devotion.

Of five hybrids, result of a forbidden union brought about by hate, possessing powers never before seen by wolf or dog. Feared by some, seen as weapons by others, despised by the vast majority, they struggle to prove themselves, and to find their place.

This story began long ago, and has yet to end. It continues now, crafted by the individuals who take part in it.

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what is it you fight for?; original dog fantasy rpg
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