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 Audition for Yakone

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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

PostSubject: Audition for Yakone   Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:35 pm

Alright! If you want the chance to play Yakone, the Alpha male of the Kadzait Pack, please reply to this post with the rest of the info below filled in! I have filled in some of the necessary stuff, but the rest is up to you! Whomever creates the more interesting Yakone will win him! Audition will be open until we have atleast 5 people trying out for him! Once we have five, and no new auditions have been posted in a couple days, judging will comence!

Give it your all, and good luck!

-Name- Yakone
-Meaning of Name (if any)- Red Aurora in Inuit
-Age- 5 Years
-Gender- Male
-Mate- Sesi
-Breed- Because Surrendered Silence is set in Alaska, the only breeds allowed are: Grey Wolf or Timber wolf, Arctic Wolf, Eastern Wolf, Great Plains Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf
-Description- Make sure you know what your breed looks like.. This could include limps, scars, eyes, etc;
-Personality- Likes, dislikes, how they interact with others, etc;
-History- This needs to be at least 100 words about their past, and how it affects the way they are today
-Picture- This is required, to add some substance to your description above
-Sample Post- Remember, you may be accepted or denied based upon your sample post! I know it's hard, because it's just you, but get it over with.
-Stats- You have 8 points to distribute between Physical (strength), Social, Logical and Health, UNLESS you are creating a pup under 1 and then you have none.

-OOC Stuff-
-Alias- What do we call you?
-Contact Info- You must have at least an email
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PostSubject: Audition   Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:40 pm


-Name- Yakone

-Meaning of Name (if any)- Red Aurora in Inuit

-Age- 5 Years

-Gender- Male


-Breed- Gray Wolf

Light gray frame, eyes of silver, n/a for scars

This is a lupine male that has no mercy, punishment is quick and swift, no thought taken of when and what is going to happen to the one being punished later on, just getting the message across while he is punishing. His temper is short, his eyes have been harden toward the world, his gaze cutting and swift, his tail always in the air, reminding those who indeed is boss. For him there is no second chance, if pups aren't approved by him then they are killed, only the strong can survive, and it will be his own offspring.
Three years ago he lived in his fathers pack, were his father Jallicka ruled with an iron fist, keeping everything in order, even him, Yakone, and even his mother, Kista, nothing got passed his father, and when Kista had him with another male, his father did not approve, Yakone's father always tried to find a way to kill him, get rid of the spawn that did not belong to him.

And with ever attempt on his life he became harder, colder toward his own lupine race, and returned that coldness toward his brothers and sisters, taking his burning anger out on them, making them yelp and cry each time they saw Yakone moving down the terrain.

But a year later, his father tried once more to get rid of him, and finally Yakone struck back, and a fight for control ensuded, and with that, Yakone struck out at the right moment and killed his father, his mother being heart broken exiled her own son, making Yakone leave the terrain and never come back, and off he went, leaving his mothers place and moving out into the world, with that harshness that his father taught him he got far, cutting down enemy after enemy, making sure that no one got in his way, taking mate after mate until he found someone that he could be with for the long run.

Finally he wandered into this land, were he now rules, with his choosen mate, only until the time comes for him to teach another a harsh lesson in life.

-Sample Post-
Long limbs carried the lupine lord deeper into his royal region, the place that he ruled with an iron fist, nothing got in or out of his terrain without him knowning, without one of his spies watching the movement of envoys from other kingdoms, without them seeing a loner that might be passing through the area, a female that might not have a place to go, a puppy that was misplaced by a stupid mother, one that was probably already dead in some ditch.

Pelt bristled slightly as the wind blew, ruffling his ebony pelt, sending his hair on end, his ebony pelt, messed up by something that he had no control of, and that bothered him, made him want to snarl toward the gods, he worse fear, not having control, not being able to have that final say in something and having that be the end of the story. But now limbs stretched slightly more, bring his frame into a slow moving trot, his tongue rolling out of his maw as he grunted, talons digging into the soil as he briskly moved, tail carried high as he pranced through the land, his land, the land that he looked for his mate on, the land that no one dared to enter unless they were called, and here he now was, strutting if you would call it that, his lips pressed together as he snarled his anger toward the world.

Haunches then slowly lowered toward the ground, tail curling around powerful rump, head lowering as he slowly drunk from the stream, tongue running along the thin filiment of the stream, taking in the life giving water. And were water would give life, he would happily take it away.

Shouldars rolled as he waited, head was thrown back, maw opening as lips parted, pitches were sung into the sky, as harks turned on top of his head, listening for any sound that would be present.

-Stats- You have 8 points to distribute between
Social ~2
Logical ~2
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Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo

PostSubject: CONGRATULATIONS   Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:51 am

Congrats! Sage, you have been chosen to RP YAKONE, Alpha Male of Kadzait Pack! Please read the new Update, post your Character Biography, and start posting IC!
Sarah Jo, ADMIN

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PostSubject: Re: Audition for Yakone   

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Audition for Yakone
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